Why It's Not A Great Idea To Miss Out Sleep
Written by Edwin Cisneros on Jan. 8, 2020
Have you ever heard of that saying, "SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK" Or "I'LL SLEEP ONCE I'M DEAD". I'm pretty sure a lot of us had said this before when we're gathered around our entrepreneur buddies. Sounds pretty motivating if you ask me, BUT sleep is one of the most important/crucial things that your body needs in order to recover mentally and physically. In fact, if you minimize the hours that you sleep, you will have a high probability of getting Alzheimer's later in life. Which is a big no no if you want to be a productive and cognitive person in your older years. 

Sleep deprivation symptoms are being more common than ever in today's world filled with technological advances such as iphones, computers, laptops, tv's, ipads, and etc... Although technology is a blessing, it's literally downgrading our quality of sleep each night we spend numerous hours on the phone or computer screen. Most of us are indeed addicted to our cellular device and have no discipline what so ever to get off of it when we choose to because of the rush of dopamine hits we receive every time we scroll. The more time we spend on our phones through out the day and especially at night, the less quality sleep we tend to get because of the harmful rays that iphones, computers, and tv's emit. That is why it's a very crucial that before you go to bed, make sure you phone is in another room possibly, so you won't have the urge to keep checking it, and make sure to follow the rule to not engage in any screens an HOUR before bedtime. This will drastically improve your quality of sleep because the rays off the phone do buffer the time you will fall into deep sleep aka REM sleep. 

 Another important thing to take note of is how many hours of sleep you get per night. This can fluctuate between 6-9 hours depending on your diet, outside stressers, and how long do you stay up late at night. The rule of thumb is about 8 hours is the perfect amount of sleep and they are those rare outliers who only need 6-7 hours of sleep and they're ready to rock and roll. But overall, you want to make sure your getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night in order to maximize productivity and energy levels for the day.

A specific time you want go to bed is 11-12pm. If you can sleep earlier than 11 that would be preferably more optimal, so you can get an early start on your day. It really depends on your work schedule, business meetings, workout schedule, and personal life to see what time is suitable to go to bed. But the general rule of thumb is about 11-12pm for all you guys who work vigorously. Try your absolute best to not go to bed past 1 because after doing so, you will have the tendency to stay up later and then your sleeping schedule gets all screwed up again. 

Sleeping is a beautiful thing that we all must have 100% on check, so we can be the high performing individuals we are. Waking up moody and cranky can be a huge obstacle for us high performing individuals because we need to get sh*t done. And how do we expect to get sh*t done when all we can think about is going back to sleep in our comfortable warm beds. Instead of thinking "I NEED TO SLEEP LESS TO GET MORE WORKED DONE" think "I NEED TO SLEEP MORE TO GET MORE WORKED DONE". Not only will you be more productive and laser focused throughout the day, but you will not face the consequences of sleep deprivation and it's awful symptoms. 

Edwin Cisneros

Edwin Cisneros helps people grow their business by optimzing their fitness and diet. He is an expert at helping people enhance their productivity, sleep, fitness, diet, and mentality by using online methods and makes it very simple to comprehend. If you're interested in optimizing your fitness and health to grow your business exponentially then feel free to reach out and request a free case study today.
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