Why Nofap/Semen Retention Is A Game Changer
Written by Edwin Cisneros on Jan. 28, 2020
Fellas, this is a serious topic to discuss about because a lot of us men are becoming addicted to instant pleasure when it does us no good. A study as shown that each year a man's testosterone levels and sperm count are drastically decreasing. The reason why is because men are becoming more feminine and aren't like the men that we used to have back in WW1 and WW2.

This is a huge wake up call for all of us males. A theory i have on why men's testosterone levels and sperm count are decreasing is because of instant and accessible access to pornography. On average in the United States, a man releases or masturbates once a day 7 days a week! Which is insane compared to back then a man masturbated once a week or none at all! Can you see the correlation of why men are becoming more feminine? A man is not supposed to be releasing on a continuous basis, but in today's world it has been normalized to teach young boys that hey it's ok to masturbate if you have any sexual urges. If anything, it's better to teach boys and men to go out and look for a sexual partner/partners to exchange sexual experiences. That is a better and healthier alternative than going on porn websites and releasing in that manner. If anything, masturbating literally kills you overtime spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Nofap and semen retention have been very popular due to men waking up and facing their own personal problems when it comes down to sexual discipline. Nofap and semen retention are very similar, but one requires a hell of a lot more discipline than the other. Nofap is being able to release with a partner, but not being able to release on his own like masturbating. Semen retention is literally retaining your semen for however long the individual would like to retain, and the individual can still have sex or do sexual activities, BUT cannot release at all! Semen retention is like nofap times 1000000. It takes a very disciplined person to hold in their nut without releasing for a prolong period of time.

The benefits of Nofap and semen retention are out of this world. Not only will you have the discipline to control your sexual urges and cravings, but you will gain a lot more mental clarity, more willingness to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, anxiety and depression seem to be gone, a deeper voice, a more masculine face and demeanor, a stupendous amount of energy, better skin and glow on your face, and the strange ability to attract more females than before. All these benefits sound pretty outstanding and maybe fake, but it's all nothing but real results from real people. A man who constantly releases does not have the drive and willingness to go out and hunt for what they want in life. But a man who's holding in their seed for an extended amount of time has the ultimate power and energy to go out and grab the world by the balls. Your seed has vital vitamins and minerals that your body need in order to work properly. Why do you think some of the most top athletes don't engage in sex or release before a big game? Because the ability to transmute that sexual energy, that builds up over time, has the potential to manifest into something beautiful. A man's semen is where a man's life force lies. 

As men, we have the power to manifest whatever we choose to manifest. But some of us men are very lost because we don't have the discipline to control our sexual urges. That is why a lot of our men have families at a very young age because masturbating is teaching you to lust over a woman that you don't even deserve yet. How do you expect to raise a child when you yourself aren't straight financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally? It's a recipe for disaster. Understand this men, once you have the power to hold in your seed and not succumb to whoever women you encounter, you will have the ability to achieve whatever you aspire to have or create in this life. Let's stay away from pornography and stay increasing our testosterone levels just how it was back in the manly days. 

Edwin Cisneros

Edwin Cisneros helps people grow their business by optimzing their fitness and diet. He is an expert at helping people enhance their productivity, sleep, fitness, diet, and mentality by using online methods and makes it very simple to comprehend. If you're interested in optimizing your fitness and health to grow your business exponentially then feel free to reach out and request a free case study today.
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