The Importance of Working Out and Diet
Written by Edwin Cisneros on Dec. 18, 2019
Working out and diet must be the top 2 things people neglect in their lives when it comes down to self improving and becoming a better individual. People think that in order to make lots of money...
Why It's Not A Great Idea To Miss Out Sleep
Written by Edwin Cisneros on Jan. 8, 2020
Have you ever heard of that saying, "SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK" Or "I'LL SLEEP ONCE I'M DEAD". I'm pretty sure a lot of us had said this before when we're gathered around our entrepreneur buddies...
Why Nofap/Semen Retention Is A Game Changer
Written by Edwin Cisneros on Jan. 28, 2020
Fellas, this is a serious topic to discuss about because a lot of us men are becoming addicted to instant pleasure when it does us no good. A study as shown that each year a man's testosterone levels and sperm count are...
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